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This is an activity finder that you can pick the age group, season, and materials you have.
Activities for your babies and toddlers you can choose age and the skill development you want to work on.
Pick a topic from the list and it will give you so many activities and crafts for that activity, great for themed parties. It has too many advertisements that pop up, but otherwise a great site.
Lots of games to play with a toddler.
Great games for your older kids to play 5 and up. These will get their bodies moving or creative juices flowing.
Activities to do with your baby or toddler.
Lots of great fun activities for kids.
A great list including preschool activity ziploc bags, great to take with you on the go.
This cool site has great printable toys you can make with your kids, it's really well done and oh so cute.
Find lots of fun activities for kids, with video instructions and printables. Crafts, Magic, Puppets, Science, and more!
A list of crafts and ideas.
A great list of kid’s crafts and printable paper dolls.
Great crafts to do with hand and fingerprints
Not too long of a list, but it has great printable resources.
Great activities and crafts but you can only get to the ones with the arrow, the other ones you have to subscribe to.
For older kids, maybe 7 and up, a really great introduction to art with fun interactive activities.
Lots of different paper crafts to do with your kids.