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Hersheypark: The Sweetest Place on Earth is even Sweeter at Christmastime

The Sweetest Place on Earth is even Sweeter at Christmastime

When I think of Christmastime, decorated trees, twinkling lights, family, friends and sweet treats come to mind. Typically, amusement park rides is not on the list… until this year. This year, we took our kids to Hersheypark’s Christmas Candy Lane
Dubbed the “Sweetest Place on Earth,” Hersheypark is even sweeter at the holidays. Upon entering the park, everything is beautifully decorated with wreaths, garland, bows and lights. Christmas carols play in the background as you hear the excitement of the young and the old take in the sights. 
There are over 30 rides open for every age group. My one year old loved the AMTRAK Tiny Tracks Choo Choo Train and my older ones screamed with delight as they rode the Scrambler. Every half-hour, the light show, NOELNights Of Extraordinary Lights, rocks the park with dancing lights to the merriest of Christmas tunes. Santa Claus is available to hear “Wish Lists” and for a picture. But, so, too, are Hershey Chocolate Bar, Milk Duds and Hershey Kiss! 
Hershey ParkWhen you take a break from the fun, there are plenty of restaurants to stop for a bite including full service dining like Tudor Grill or snack food service like S’Mores Galore. There is even Breakfast or Lunch with Santa on the weekends. And, Hersheypark really attends to guests that may have food allergies. Being the parent of a child with egg and milk allergies, I found it helpful that guests can go online and see all their menu options with ingredients beforehand. 
Be sure to bundle up when visiting the park. It does get cold and if you are cold, it can be a challenge as I found with my thumb-sucking baby who was frustrated when he couldn’t get to his thumb that was covered by his mittens!  Many guests brought blankets for children in strollers and everyone was wearing hats, scarves and gloves. However, most of the children didn’t even notice the cold because they are having so much fun. 
So, if you visit Hersheypark’s Christmas Candylane, you are sure to have a ‘sweet’ time!
For more information, visit http://www.hersheypark.com
100 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 1-800-HERSHEY
***When you are finished at the park, you can drive through Hershey Sweet Lights. Only a few miles away from Hersheypark, it is spectacular drive thru light display that is definitely worthwhile. But, purchase your Sweet Lights ticket at Hersheypark and save $4. 




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