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June Events & Exhibitions at the DCM

Aerodynamics and momentum take flight at the Delaware Children's Museum (DCM) this month, as we get ready to fly into the summer at full speed. Bring along your imagination, because it’s going to be a wild ride!
This month the “DCM Speedway” track shifts gears as it transforms into a racing-themed obstacle course. Tuesday, June 4 – Monday, July 1, families can put their racing talents to the test as they zoom, twist, and spin around different obstacles and tricky trails, all while learning firsthand the physics needed to propel their Roller Racer® vehicle forward.
The momentum doesn’t stop with our DCM Speedway obstacle course, as physics-based programs continue all month focusing on the principles behind aerodynamics. On different days, children can design airplanes to take off from the top of our Stratosphere exhibition during “Paper Planes,” explore the aeronautical principles of drag and lift during “Parachutes and Payloads,” use some unconventional materials to make a kite fly during “Paper Kites,” and engineer a flying hoop glider during “Hoop Gliders and Straw Flyers.”

Flight of a different species is the focus during this month’s “Try Science” series, when children can learn about our flying feathered friends during “Try Science: Be an Ornithologist" on Saturday & Sunday, June 8 & 9. Activities include learning how to recognize the different sounds birds make; using binoculars to scan for them along the Wilmington Riverwalk; using common household items to simulate how different birds eat; and making window clings that prevent birds from bumping into glass windows and doors.
The fun doesn’t stop at the end of the month — it just keeps getting better! We’re throwing our first ever “Summer Kickoff” party to start the summer off right with our new extended hours on Fridays. On the first official day of summer, Friday, June 21, stop by the big yellow building for just $5 per person after 5pm. We’ll have plenty to do both indoors and out with games and activities such as face painting, a gymnastics performance, sidewalk chalk creations, a giant pool filled with oobleck (a non-Newtonian fluid that acts as a solid and a liquid, depending on the pressure applied) that children can run across (without sinking!) — and more! Plus, every following Friday in the summer, we’ll be open late till 8pm with admission starting at just $5 per person after 5pm. Extra summer hours, for extra DCM fun. What could be better?

All programs during normal hours are free with admission, unless otherwise specified. www.delawarechildrensmuseum.org for more details.


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