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Paleopalooza on February 16 and 17!

Come get your fossil on! Paleopalooza is back and bigger than ever. Visit the Academy of Natural Sciences February 16 and 17 for an exciting weekend packed with activities, shows, and more—all featuring your favorite animals—dinosaurs!

This year features performances you’ll dig, including a visit from Chad Peeling of Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland/Peeling Productions. Peeling will present “Life in Scales,” a high-energy animal show that answers the question, “Are dinosaurs really extinct?” The team from Field Station Dinosaur also will take the stage for “What Color is Your Dinosaur?” a sing-along that will have you dancing in the aisles. Keep boogying as you enjoy the hip music from the Diggity Dudes, offered twice daily.
Throughout the weekend, take tours of Dinosaur Hall, cheer on your favorite hot-rod trilobite, get your face painted, peruse fossil tables, and make dinosaur crafts to take home. Hunt for and keep real fossils. You can even meet the paleontologists and bring that question you’ve always wondered about but were afraid to ask. After that, see if you can catch roving fossil juggler Randy Lyons as he strolls the museum teaching and tossing fossils. It’s a fossil-filled weekend you won’t want to miss!

Visit www.ansp.org for more information.



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