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Get Lost! In Linvilla Orchard's Ultimate Recycled Maze

There's always something fun and exciting to do at Linvilla Orchards all year round! Starting January 2 through March 3, Linvilla Orchards wants you to leave your map at home and find your way through the Ultimate Recycled Maze! This amazing maze is constructed from over one-thousand unsold Christmas trees which have been recovered from area tree lots. They have been strategically placed to challenge your sense of direction while you walk through a green wonderland of recycled trees!


When the decorations are stored away, set aside your post-holidays blues and find your way through Linvilla's labyrinth. The maze will take around 30 minutes to navigate and is the perfect addition to Linvilla's family and friends oriented winter activities!


And don't let chilly temperatures keep you from leaving your home. Play a fun and interactive round of miniature golf inside Linvilla's Garden Center. Meandering the maze will cost you $5, but with a game of golf it will only cost $4 per person!



Linvilla Orchards has over 300 acres dedicated to agriculture, education and entertainment. Linvilla's hours, beginning on January 2 through March 8, are Friday and Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sunday through Thursday 9am to 5pm. To learn more, call 610.876.7116 or visit Linvilla at 137 W. Knowlton Road in Media, PA www.linvilla.com


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