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Easy Halloween Crafts

I was heading to a children's Halloween party and offered to bring a craft.  I was completely stumped for an idea so turned to PlaygroundBuzz's awesome Facebook fans who came through for me as usual.  Some of the ideas were so creative, I just had to share them.  Here they are (unedited):

  • Let them decorate small pumpkins with washable markers and stickers. That way they are not bored watching the pumpkin get carved and can do most of the decorating themselves. 
  • Depending on how much time you have you can make paper bag pumpkins. Take small brown lunch bags, have the kids stuff them with leaves they collect outside (or old newspaper) Once filled and puffy, cinch the bag together at the top (with string or tape) forming the pumpkin stalk with the bottom of the bag is left round as the pumpkin. Then let the kids paint and decorate their "pumpkin"
  • Paper plate spiders: black (dessert size) paper plates, black pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes. Just have them tape the pipe cleaners to the back of the plate, and glue the wiggly eyes to the front. They're super easy, and cute to boot!!
  • For my daughter's halloween party...we are painting pumpkins with chalk board paint ahead of time and then giving the kids chalk to make their own pumpkin faces. the best part is they can erase them and make as many faces as they want!
  • Sounds silly but fun. take a cotton ball, cover with white tissue, tie small string around to make a neck. marker for face and hang with balance of string.. very scary ghost.
  • On the day of Halloween, I go to our local Dollar store and buy a couple of white inflated balloons, couple packs of glow in the dark bracelets and white disposable table cloths. I take 3 round bracelets and we tape them to the balloon and make a face (the 2 eyes and mouth) and then cover the whole thing with the table cloth and tie a string to each one and stake it to the ground outside our house. They look like floating/glowing ghosts.

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Do you have any more craft ideas?  Add them to our comments below and

 Happy Halloween everyone!


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